jeff_popup2bI’ve been an athlete all my life, which started with learning to ride a bike as a young child. My riding gave me a freedom that I hadn’t experienced prior, and I spent as much time as I could with my bike exploring my growing world. I spent my youth and mid adulthood in competitive swimming, wrestling and martial arts. The sport I continue to return to is biking; I love to ride all mountain. I got my first mountain bike in 1982 and I am still riding today a couple of times a week. In addition to getting out on the great trails around Phoenix, I regularly train my body several times a week for general strength and balance. Life for me is movement; to not move is to die.

I’ve spent the majority of my professional life learning about movement of all sorts. Physical movement and muscle balance, the passage of nutrients through our bodies to fuel the trillions of cells that compose our bodies (as well as the removal of waste products and toxins), and the flow of energy through acupuncture pathways. What I’ve learned is that balance in these three dimensions of life- the physical, metabolic and energetic dimensions, is the key to efficiency of the body. In times of stress, we want to be sure we are using all of the energy available to us to help us manage our stress.

Our clinic, which we call the Well Life Center, blends these dimensions and more into a unique approach towards your health and wellness. We utilize many balancing tools; chiropractic techniques (both spinal and extremity adjusting, with instrument or manually), tuina (an ancient practice that utilized manipulation of joints with acupuncture- a precursor to contemporary chiropractic), various muscle and fascia manipulative techniques (such as trigger point therapy and active release technique), active partner stretching techniques, acupuncture with needles or cold laser, cranial work, and auricular therapy (points on the ear that work to regulate the nervous system). We combine these in-office approaches with specialized eating plans and supplements, if needed, as well as targeted exercise programs. The heart of the program is coaching clients in how to better manage their environment (stress), and establishing new habits and patterns that better serve their needs.

Our clinic will help you create an outline for a life of health, balance, efficiency, and a ton of energy. My job is to help you figure out what areas need addressed, and how best to quickly bring you balance.

My care and how I address of your issues will be much different than the traditional medical model, and lends itself to those clients looking beyond symptom relief.  My clients understand good health is the foundation for a great life, but they also understand how unmanaged stress can work against that foundation. Managing your stress and working toward great health are the same activity.

It’s an approach that I’m passionate about, because I live this lifestyle. I have the energy to handle the many stresses of my busy life, as well as the energy need to continue my growth. Not to mention mountain biking; I have plenty of energy for that, too. Let me help you become the best you can be.

Dr. Jeff