In order for Dr. Jeff to determine if he can assist you with your issues, we request that every client complete a  “Request For Care” form.  Please contact our office to let us know of your preferred delivery; email, fax or mail. After we receive the completed forms we will contact you to schedule a consultation. The fee for the consult is $75.

Based on the consultation, we then decide on the extent of examination needed. Exam fees can range from $149 to $399. It is possible to schedule the consultation and examination in one visit; this can be discussed when we schedule your consultation.

Once the examination is complete, we finish by reviewing your findings, and what it means to your health and wellness. The fee for the review is incorporated in the exam fee. We then tailor a plan of intervention that most benefits your needs and wants. Some of our clients merely seek advice, others utilize all aspects of the Well Life Blueprint,  while there are those who need or want a custom program with select services we offer. We have many options for care, and the choice is yours.


For those who are uncertain about our services…

…and have questions that our front desk can’t answer, Dr. Jeff is available for up to 15 minutes by phone to see if his services could be to your benefit. There is no charge, but if you decide to proceed, we still need to have a completed “Request For Care” form and the full consultation needs to be finished. The same fee applies.


*Our office doesn’t accept any auto injury or workman’s comp cases, and we don’t participate with any insurances, although we will provide you with receipts that you can submit for possible reimbursement. Payment options are available.


Please Call:  480-654-2920

or Email: