Your life is waiting for the best version of you – Dr. Jeff Donahue

None of us are immune from life’s stresses.

We all have life’s daily stressors- work, family, health issues, financial concerns- these are the areas that all of us have to deal with (manage) on some level daily.

Unfortunately, the current state of affairs in our country and our world has only added to the loads we already carry.

While you might be used to powering through stressful times, it becomes a lot harder when you live within the stress. Generally, when we have stressful events in our lives, we can see an endpoint. In today’s world, the stress is pervasive, invading, and chronic. It seems to be without ending.

The feelings of anxiety, depression, and feelings of hopelessness are what most of us think are the limits to what stress can do to us. “It’s just a problem with my brain”. NOT TRUE.

Stress affects the WHOLE body- not just our emotions. The chemical changes which bring the emotions- depression, anxiety, worry- those create changes in the tissues of our bodies. Common symptoms are changes in hormones, decreased libido, weight gain, and trouble sleeping. Gut issues can also surface at this time, creating issues like indigestion, bloating, diarrhea/constipation (one or the other, or alternating), acid reflux, and even problems with poor immune function (getting ill frequently).

The EFFECTS of chronic stress are felt within the supporting tissues of our bodies- the muscles, bones, and joints. What we emotionally experience is released through movement, and when we are overwhelmed with chronic stress, it overloads these supporting tissues, causing imbalances. Some of these physical symptoms include patterns of weakness, restricted movement of muscles and joints, and neurological symptoms like numbness or tingling, and headaches.

Our clinical approach is simple and based in natural and holistic approaches.  We test to determine how well your body is adapting to the stress in your life, and any effects on your body. We do this using a combination of  instrumentation, physical examination, and laboratory testing. We then assess the balance within the three dimensions of your life-the physical, metabolic and energetic.  Using that evidence, we design a program based on your needs and wants to establish balance, restore health and help you master the lifestyle changes that will best help you manage your stresses.  

No two programs are alike.  Each is individually designed, easy to follow and has helped hundreds of others like yourself create a better working body, with a new outlook on how to get out from under stress.  Whether you need a consultation, a “check up”, or a complete stress evaluation we are here to help create the best you.

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