I have been a client of Dr. Jeff’s for over seven years. Why? He is the best at being able to assess what is going on with me better than any other Physician I have seen. Dr. Jeff works on so many different levels of healing the body and has taught me how to take better care of myself. Thank you Dr. Jeff! – Cheryl P., Phoenix




After having an IV in my left arm for a surgery, I could not move my hand.  I went from doctor to doctor, to neurologist,
to physical therapist and nothing worked. No one could figure out what happened to my hand. I went to see Dr. Jeff. He did some movements with my hand, gave me exercises to do and within three months of seeing him my hand was working again! What a relief. – Scott R., Scottsdale



My digestion was a mess!  I had been to several holistic doctors and I had simply given up.  I had constant heartburn and bloated stomach.  My friend suggested Dr. Jeff Donahue. I was extremely reluctant since I had been to so many other people, but decided to give it another try. Within five months of following his Living Armor System that he designed for me, doing the Far Infrared Sauna and following his suggested eating plan the heartburn went away and my digestion is working.  Dr. Jeff is fabulous! – Esther W., Scottsdale